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White Terrorists in Oregon, Why You So Stupid?

About a dozen white guys armed with machine guns took over a federal building in Oregon this weekend because it’s their land. That’s what one of these armed radicals told the Guardian. “This public land belongs to ‘we the people’,” he said. “We’ll be here enjoying the snow and the scenery.” He said this while… Read more »

Donald Trump Ties Pope Francis for Most Admired Man 2015

All hope is lost. Donald Trump has tied Pope Francis for 2nd most admired man behind President Barack Obama, according to a Gallop poll released today. To admire is to regard a person with respect or warm approval. Now look at this warm approval. It’s over. While Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman, and… Read more »

Why Race Doesn’t Exist

On Twitter today I had a lengthy, and at times emotional discussion with some tweeps about race. My argument is that race doesn’t exist – sort of. The construct of race was invented by racists to divide people by color for the purpose of slavery, oppression and later to keep poor and working class white… Read more »

Father of Man Who Firebombed Mosque Blames Twitter

A mosque in Coachella, Cali. was firebombed last week. Police have arrested Carl James Dial Jr., of Palm Desert. Dial’s father said social media is to blame for his son throwing a molotov cocktail at the southern California mosque. “He was caught up in social media. Social media has produced people like my son, without… Read more »

Minnesota Attorney Said that the Racists That Shot 5 Black Lives Matters Demonstrators “sick people”

Update Jan. 17, 2017. Trial Begins for Shooter of Black Lives Matter Activists in Minnesota Remember those racists who shot those five Black Lives Matters demonstrators in Minneapolis? Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman said in a statement that the attack was racially motived and increased the severity of the charges. “There is no doubt that… Read more »

Press Buys Saudi Press about Fighting Extremism

Saudi Arabia is a radical and oppressive government ruled by an oil soaked monarchy. Today, every news organization is reporting about Saudi Arabia’s inclusion in a collective of Muslim nations with the goal to fight Islamic fundamentalism. Not one of those news organizations mentioned the great contradiction. Saudi Arabia is a fervent supporter of Wahhabi… Read more »

Carl James Dial Charged with Fire Bombing a Mosque in California

Today, someone torched a mosque in Couchella, California. Witnesses said that someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the mosque. The incendiary device started a fire, but no one was injured in the attack The fire was reported at around noon and Carl James Dial, 23 of Palm Desert was arrested and charged with five felonies… Read more »

This is a First in my Lifetime

I’m not old, but I’m not young either. When I was born, Richard Nixon was the president and the Vietnam War was still going. Since I was a teenager I’ve watched politics closely, and I’ve never heard a candidate for president say anything as absurd as this. “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total… Read more »

Will Media Give Trump Another Pass?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gone from creating a database of muslims to now calling for the total ban of muslims – even american muslims. The mainstream media, even serious reporters like Dave Weigel scoffed when reporters reported about Trump’s policy position that the federal government needs to maintain a database of muslims. To… Read more »