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How to Fix Stupid

The United States has a problem. The People are stupid. Not everyone is stupid. And some are stupider than others. But when Donald Trump can get elected president, that’s a serious, if not fatal, stupid problem. The nut of this problem is education. Millions and millions and millions of americans receive an inadequate education. They… Read more »

Martin Luther King: We Need Leaders in Love with Justice

We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity. Leaders who can subject their particular egos to the pressing urgencies of the great cause of freedom. Martin Luther King, Jr. said this in 1956. It remains true today. The fight for… Read more »

Nazi Propaganda Tactic, Blame Your Enemy For What You’re Guilty

I follow politics closely. I have for probably 30 years. A common rightwing propaganda tactic is to accuse their enemies of doing that which they themselves are guilty of doing. So if a Republican president says some horrific racist stuff, like calling African countries “shitholes,” the response could be to say that it’s actually Democrats… Read more »


I don’t understand people, particularly white people. NOW that Donald Trump has reportedly referred to countries like Haiti and El Salvador as “shit holes” – now he’s a racist. FFS, Trump has been a racist his entire life. Of course, this is just one more example of it, but come on people. Pick up the… Read more »

Christopher Steele Fusion GPS Memo “Company Intelligence Report 2016/94”

I haven’t studied the Christopher Steele Fusion GPS memos too extensively, but this sentence stands out as the most compelling and incriminating. “However, the Kremlin official close to S. IVANOV added that s/he believed DIVEYKIN also had hinted (or indicated more strongly) that the Russian leadership also had ‘kompromat’ on TRUMP which the latter should… Read more »

Glenn Simpson Fusion GPS Testimony August 22, 2017

Here’s the full transcript by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. He was interviewed by US Senate Judiciary Committee on August 22, 2017. Glenn Simpson Fusion GPS Testimony US Senate August 22, 2017

Glenn Simpson Fusion GPS Carter Page Testimony

The Carter Page character in the Trump Russia conspiracy was always interested to me. Page is someone who seems not particularly savvy, and willing to say lots of things to lots of people, even reporters. Here’s Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson testifying about his thoughts on Carter Page.

Glenn Simpson Fusion GPS Testimony About Bill Browder

Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson testimony about Bill Browder. This isn’t all of the Simpson testimony about Bill Browder. There’s some testimony that is boring before Simpson gets back into the Browder stuff.

Notes From Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson Testimony (People)

These are notes I took while reading the Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson testimony released by Senator Feinstein. The testimony took place on August 22, 2017 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’m just publishing this here for my reference, and maybe it helps someone else find information about these people. You can check out the testimony… Read more »