My FOIA Request for Trump’s IQ Test Results

Donald Trump has repeatedly bragged about his incredibly high IQ test score. Just today, The Washington Post reported that Trump has now challenged Rex Tillerson to compare IQ scores after it was reported a few days ago that Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron.”

What happens each time Trump brags about his high IQ test score is that everyone points at Trump and laughs, which is an appropriate response to such stupid statements about ones alleged high IQ test score.

But it’s long past time for Trump to put up or shut up. President Obama had to show his damn birth certificate, and he didn’t run around bragging that he was born in the US. No, idiots like Trump made up this entire fake story that Obama wasn’t born in the US and that he’s an invalid president.

Well, Trump has repeatedly bragged about his IQ test score and he must release documentation proving that he took an actual IQ test, and the results of that test.

I have submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the White House for any and all documents related to Trump’s IQ test and his IQ in general.

Here’s the generic response from the White House that shows I contacted the White House on October 10 at approximate 9:40 AM eastern. I’ll post the actual response, if I get one.

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