Who Is Roy Moore?

Roy Moore
I will be the first to say, for most people, don’t judge them too heavily on what they did when they were teenagers, or even in college. For many people, those are formative years and people mature and change much between the ages of 17 and 37.

But for Roy Moore, I think his formative years tell you all you need to know about who Roy Moore is as a person on a fundamental level.

In 1969, at the height of the Vietnam war, Moore graduated from the US Military Academy at Web Point. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, he served several posts as a military police officer. Moore served at Fort Benning, and Germany, and he did a tour in Vietnam. He was the commander of the 188th Military Police Company of the 504th Military Police Battalion.

It sounds like his fellow soldiers hated his guts. They called him “Captain America,” but didn’t mean it as a compliment. Moore was a hard ass. In his own autobiography, he recalls sleeping on sandbags because he was worried one of his fellow soldiers would put a grenade or a bomb under his bed. Several men had threatened to kill him.

Moore was discharged from the military as an Army captain in 1974 and admitted to the University of Alabama School of Law. No one liked him there either. Professors and fellow students thought he was stupid. They said he lacked the capacity for keen analysis. In 1977 Moore got his Juris Doctor degree and returned to Gadsden where he became an ambulance chaser. He ran a private law practice doing personal injury and insurance cases.

That Moore ever became a judge is shocking. It actually says a lot Alabama, and it’s not good. But that Moore preyed on 14-year-old girls, that’s not shocking. The guy is an asshole. Most people in Gadsden, I’m guessing here, but they don’t like Roy Moore.

That’s why when people saw him creeping around teenage girls, they were like, “That’s that asshole lawyer that no one likes.” They didn’t do anything about him, but they tried to keep him away from young girls. That’s why he got banned from the town shopping mall.

Moore apparently first met his wife, Kayla Kisor at a dance recital when she was a teenager. Here’s the creepy timeline on that. Moore says that when he met Kisor she was 16 and he was a 30-year-old adult man. And remember, he met Kisor at her high school dance recital.

Why was a 30-year-old man going to high school dance recitals? But the even creepier part is what Moore recalls thinking when he met this teenage girl.

“I knew Kayla was going to be a special person in my life,” Moore wrote in his autobiography.

Moore and Kisor didn’t apparently meet again until she was 23 – at a Christmas party. She was going through a divorce and had a kid. The two married the following year.

It’s not that strange that a 38-year-old man would marry a 24-year-old divorcee. But that Moore first met her when she was 16 and was creepy about it, that’s the weird part.

Now add his admitted life story to the recent allegations that Moore showed a keen interest in “dating” teenage girls. He was going to high school dance recitals, and he was looking for romance. That’s strange, even for 1985.

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