A Pro Life Liberal

It is possible to be a pro-life liberal. One can both think that fewer abortions is a good thing, and believe that it’s not up to the government to decide what a woman can do with her body.

Therefore, I can believe that we as a nation can look at the number of abortions each year and craft ways to reduce that number. If there are x number of abortions every year by teenagers, what could be done to reduce that number? Sex education. Access to contraception.

A nation that lifts its women up is a stronger nation than one that holds women down.

I can also believe that it’s not the role of government to decide what to do with her body. And to give the government the authority to decide the fate of every conception is the antithesis of the notion of small government.

While we as a nation can justly look at planned parenting and work towards reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies, that’s within the norm of modern society. But to enshrine one religion’s belief that life begins at conception and to force that belief onto all of us, that’s just fucking crazy. That’s old world crazy shit.

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