Why are We Always Talking About Chicago’s Murder Rate When There’s Baltimore

Republican party politicians and conservative wankers can’t stop talking about Chicago’s murder rate.

“It’s carnage,” said Donald Trump in a recent interview about Chicago. Trump often claims that Chicago is more violent than Afghanistan. It’s an odd comparison and Chicago’s murder rate is actually not that high.

Chicago ranks 25 of 30 cities with the highest murder rate

Now look at Baltimore, Maryland

In 2015, Baltimore was ranked number two for murder rate with 344 murders that year.

There were 478 murders in Chicago. Chicago is a city of 2.7 million people. With population of just over 600,000 people, Baltimore had just 134 fewer murders than Chicago. That means Baltimore had more than 55 murders per one hundred thousand residents. Chicago’s murder rate per one hundred thousand was slightly more than 17.5 in 2015.

St. Louis had the highest murder rate in 2015

Source: The Bismarck Tribune

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