Biker Gang, Not Thugs, Shoot up a Restaunt – 9 Dead

In America, if you’re black and you protest police brutality, the media calls you a thug. If you’re white and you shoot-up a restaurant, leaving nine people dead, you’re a member of a biker gang – not a thug.

In Texas today, a biker gang, or two biker gangs, got into a fight at a restaurant that ended up in a shootout killing nine people. But the media is happily referring to these murderers as members of a biker gang, not thugs. But a couple of weeks ago in Baltimore, black folks got riled up protesting decades of police brutality and burn down a couple buildings, and they’re “thugs.”

I don’t know what’s worse overt or latent racism. At least overt racism you can confront it head-on, but this latent racism that oozes from our society is insidious. If anything “political correctness” has made it even worse.

And something tells me Fox News isn’t going to dig into the biker gang world to expose the brutality and criminality that permeates that world. If they talk about it at all, it will be as a straight news story, no need to add commentary to this – that’s white people.

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