Capitalist Trick 67: Voter Fraud Exists

Voter fraud doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. Yet, capitalists, via their conservative henchmen have created the impression that it’s real and it needs to be dealt with regardless of the cost in terms of dollars and the disenfranchisement of millions of voters across the country.

Justin Levitt, of Loyola Law School, researched reported instances of voter fraud. “Usually,” Levitt told the Washington Post, “only a tiny portion of the claimed illegality is substantiated — and most of the remainder is either nothing more than speculation or has been conclusively debunked.”

But that hasn’t stopped Republicans from passing voter ID laws and other measures to restrict access to the ballot box. And the facts haven’t done anything to convince Americans that it’s not a problem. A majority of voters support voter ID, because of compelling and glib arguments from folks like Rick Perry.

A federally indicted on corruption charges presidential candidate, Perry said that he had to show an ID to fly on an airplane, so why not to vote?

The difference is that flying on an airplane isn’t a constitutionally protected action, yet voting is. Perry’s argument is laughable in that it demonstrates his utter ignorance about the topic he’s talking about, not surprising. What is surprising is that a majority of Americans agree with him and as a result hundreds of thousands of voters are being disenfranchised under the ruse of a voter fraud epidemic.

And guess what, most of those voters are Democrats.

So why is this a capitalist’s trick and not a Republican trick? Because the Republican party is just the political wing of the capitalist movement. Republicans pass laws in favor of capitalists. The conservative movement convinces Americans that what those Republicans are doing is really for their benefit, not that of the capitalists. It’s a multi-pronged attack to make sure the wealth of the nation keeps flowing up to them and Americans don’t figure out that they’re getting played for chumps.

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