Capitalist Trick 92: Protecting the Environment will Destroy Jobs and the Economy

It was telling, the reaction from Capitalist politicians to Pope Francis’ belief that human activity is a contributing factor in global climate change.

Capitalist presidential hopeful Jeb Bush blasted the pontiff for his misguided “theories.” Bush said that the Catholic church should stick to the Bible and leave the “economic” questions for the experts.

That right there, that says a lot about Bush, and Capitalist politicians, that they always frame protecting the environment in purely economic terms. One could easily see morals and just being a good world citizen as reason enough to not destroy the planet. Maybe one could be motivated by looking at the faces of her children as incentive to leave the planet better than she found it.

But the Capitalists can only view the world through a lens of greed. Yet, while it’s certainly true that if there were more regulations on fossil fuels, that pressure on the energy market would likely give openings for other renewable, and often currently more costly, energy sources.

So when Capitalist politicians speak about climate change, they aren’t doing so from a religious, moral or ethical framework, but rather the framework of protecting oil, coal and gas industries. They don’t want to see money Americans spend on energy going to non-fossil fuel sources and away from Exxon Mobil and BP.

And I can guarantee that if our energy markets became more diversified, with a heavy dose of renewables, the outcome would not take the form of complete economic annihilation for the US. Those sorts of predictions – if we tax carbon and regulate the fossil fuel industry more intensely – will be undoubtedly proven wrong. In fact, in this instance, I do think with a more level playing field between fossil fuels and renewables, the consumer would benefit, the planet would benefit and future generations would benefit. The only losers will be energy companies that are not embracing renewables.

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