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March For Our Lives: March 24 in Washington DC

Have you ever thought, “I’m tired of one mass shooting after another and the slaughtering of innocent people while our representative government does jack squat. I want to do something”? Well, now you can. Get your butt to Washington DC on March 24 for the “March For Our Lives” rally. The brave young people from… Read more »

Surviving a Terrorist Attack

They’re not always called terrorist attacks, but what happens regularly at schools, churches, movies theaters or workplaces are terrorist attacks. The guy who attacked the high school in Florida is a terrorist. That other guy who murdered those people in that church, he’s a terrorist too. The Nazi who rammed his car into the crowd… Read more »

Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was born on February 5, 1995 in Miami, Florida to Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. When Trayvon was 9 years old, he saved his father’s life. His father was immobilized by burns to his legs, and Trayvon pulled him out of a burning apartment. By all accounts, Trayvon had a pretty normal life…. Read more »

Police Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice is Lying

The statement by the police officer who killed Tamir Rice was released today and it doesn’t pass the smell test. According to officer Timothy Loehmann he repeatedly warned the 12-year-old Rice to raise his hands. Loehmann claimed he “yelled continuously ‘show me your hands’ as loud as I could.” Yet the video evidence shows the… Read more »