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GOP, Bankruptcy and the Death of Democracy in America

The Republican party is evil. The Republican party has been evil my entire life, so that’s at least 47 years. However, this new GOP has taken evil to the next level and the next level after that. Former George W. Bush Speechwriter David Frum wrote in The Atlantic about why Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) supports… Read more »

The GOP Covid-19 Plan Will Kill 4.6 Million Americans at a Minimum

The Republican party wants millions of Americans to die because republicans think that will help the economy. Let’s set aside the point that allowing millions of people to needlessly die doesn’t obviously do anything good for the economy. The theory, I assume, is that the GOP wants us to pursue a “herd immunity” strategy. You… Read more »

#BadAtMath: Covid-19 Exponentially Not Good News

I went to school for journalism, not math. However, I was perusing the covid-19 data for the homeland (United States) and it’s not good news. On March 26, the US had about 101,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. Eight days later, the US has 208,000 more cases. That means that as of April 3rd, 309,000 Americans had… Read more »

COVID-19: Trump Isn’t Making Mistakes

Donald Trump’s response, or lack of response, to the Coronavirus is not a mistake. Trump isn’t bungling the response. Like everything Trump does, he’s pursuing what’s best for him, not the American people. Here’s a paragraph from Foreign Policy. Suffice it to say, the Trump administration has cumulatively failed, both in taking seriously the specific,… Read more »

COVID-19: March 24, 2020 New York

New York state has yet to reach the corona virus outbreak apex yet. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo provided stats on infections in New York today. They have tested 91,270 New Yorkers. Of those tested, 25,665 tested positive for the virus. That puts the infection rate at 28 percent. Experts predict that between 40 and… Read more »

COVID-19: Flatten the Curve

The outlook is dire. It’s expected that 80 percent of Americans will get COVID-19, which kills 2 to 3 percent. With more than 300 million Americans, I can’t even bring myself to do that math. At this point, if no one in my immediate family dies, I’ll consider that a win. Stay home. Here’s some… Read more »

Sanders Will Lose to Biden on Super Tuesday 2020

Tuesday is the 2020 Super Tuesday Democratic primary day. Former Vice President Joe Biden has just crushed Senator Bernie Sanders in South Carolina. Biden’s win makes this race a two-race between he and Sanders. Let’s pretend we can predict the future based on past events, like the 2016 Democratic Primary – Super Tuesday. Here’s the… Read more »

Twitter Shuttered

I spent a good part of my adult life building a following on Twitter. I created my account when I was living in Boston. I had this cool apartment, at least I thought it was a cool apartment on Chelsea Street in East Boston. From it, I could, and did, walk to the best pizza… Read more »

Why We Kill

White people are afraid. White people are terrified of an enemy that exists only in our collective white consciousness – black people. There are no “niggers.” Black people don’t exist. Not really. Yes, in this society that white people have created, there are persons we call “black.” We do more than just call them black…. Read more »

James Mitchell Ashley

James Mitchell Ashley was a journalist, politician and abolitionist. Reading about men like Ashley and Benjamin Butler, it’s disconcerting when compared to the politicians we have today. These men were certainly far from perfect, but they had strong convictions and they owned them. Ashley was a fierce abolitionist. Growing up in the Ohio River valley,… Read more »