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List of Democrats Working with Trump

With Donald Trump sitting in the Oval, it’s important to note which Democrats are actively working with and supporting this person who is a racist, bigot, misogynist and all around disgusting human being. Carson for HUD Secretary In a shocking move, it appears that two of the most vocal progressives in the Senate will vote… Read more »

Donald Trump’s Tweets Since the Election

November 9 at 6:36AM Such a beautiful and important evening! The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before November 10 at 2:31PM Happy 241st birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps! Thank you for your service!! November 10 at 9:10PM A fantastic day in D.C. Met… Read more »

President-elect Trump Is Still Bitching

Early this morning, President-elect Donald Trump was bitching on Twitter about the New York Times. Apparently, Trump and folks from the New York Times were supposed to meet but Trump canceled the meeting. The New York Times responded that the president elect is full horse poop. And in his usual whiny tone, Trump sniffled. The… Read more »

Stop Trump News Organization

Donald Trump becoming president is huge. We can not just rely on the Washington Post and the New York Times to keep him in check. Congress is a lost cause. We need an activist organization comprised of journalists, political junkies and community organizers. The organization should be focused on investigative reporting on the Trump administration…. Read more »

New New Media Now

Trump is about to be president. The mainstream media are very much a reason for Trump’s success. We can not leave it up to them to hold Trump accountable for the next four years. We must create our own real news organization that doggedly investigates and reports on every action the Trump administration makes –… Read more »

Open Letter to Democrats: Just Say No

As a protest to the Republican party choosing Donald Trump as their leader, Democrats at all levels of government must simply say, “No.” Whenever possible, Democrats in Congress and state legislatures must block every Republican bill every where. We, the people, will back every politician who does the right thing. Those who don’t, well, good… Read more »

List of Companies that Support Donald Trump

I created this list of people who worked for the Donald Trump for President campaign. When I made the list, I assumed Trump would get his ass handed to him on a gold-plated serving platter and the wreckage of his run would be limited to his campaign. I was wrong. So now I’m making a… Read more »

Jane Doe Drops Rape Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

Update: Ronan Farrow’s book “Catch and Kill” discusses this lawsuit against Trump, and these rape allegations. Newsweek did a story about this Farrow angle in October 2019. A woman, known as Jane Doe, had a civil court case filed against Donald Trump accusing him of raping her when she was 13. Today, she withdrew her… Read more »

Trump has to Win all Tossup States, Clinton Needs One

Based on the latest polling data, Trump needs to essentially sweep all tossup states to win. To be the next president, a candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes. According Real Clear Politics, Clinton is likely to get 262 electoral votes and Trump is likely gets 126. That leaves 150 electoral votes with so-called tossup… Read more »

Fuck You GOP

The Republican party has fucked us – again. This Donald Trump episode will result in people being injured or killed. We liberals will have to fix this because the Republican party is unwilling to do what needs to be done. For four decades the Republican party has pandered to racists and bigots in order to… Read more »