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This Black Woman Was Nearly Killed In Her Own Apartment

Fay Wells is a well-educated successful business woman and on September 6, 2015, she was nearly murdered by police in her own apartment. Wells tells her story in a Washington Post column, and it’s shocking. The basic gist is that a white neighbor called the police because he thought a hispanic person was breaking into… Read more »

Poem: Did he? Did we?

I can’t believe he just said that immigrants are rapists. He’s running to be the president of the United States of America – a nation of immigrants. Did he really say that? Does he mean that? Were people clapping because they agree with him or because they know that his presence is another sign that… Read more »

Bush’s 9/11 Failure Deserves a Real Investigation

September 11, 2001 is a day I’ll never forget. And now, 14 years later, we still have no better understanding of what happened then we did then. If you’ve read the 9/11 Commission Report, it leaves many questions simply unanswered – it’s a white wash. Today, Politico has an interesting story that includes this sentence… Read more »

Rightblogger at World Net Daily seeks to delegitimize Mizzou protesters

This is getting beyond cliche. The World Net Daily, a rabid anti-progressive dumping ground for the ignorant class is doing its best to delegitimize the Mizzou protesters by, you guessed it, calling them liars. Douglas Ernst, a former employee of Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times, wrote that Mizzou student protesters Payton Head and Jonathan Butler… Read more »

Rightbloggers, and even Dave Weigel, work to delegitimize black student protestors

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up this morning and saw the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel joining in on the delegitimize-black-student protesters tip. Weigel had retweeted a story by Breitbart News with the headline “The Missouri Poop Swastika is the Moment Social Justice Jumped the Shark.” The rightblogger, Milo Yiannopoulos claims that all of… Read more »

Joe Scarborough has no idea why Mizzou students are so mad

In a panel discussion that included a grand total of eight talking heads on “Morning Joe” today, host Joe Scarborough is flummoxed to understand why the University of Missouri students are so upset. It couldn’t be the lack of a sufficient response to a black student being called a “nigger,” or a swastika smeared on… Read more »

Daily Caller warns of more racial activism by black athletes

Over at Tucker Carlson’s online rag The Daily Caller, Scott Greer prepares readers, white readers, to “brace” themselves for more black athletes will engage in “racial activism.” What has Greer so fearful is that following the successful protests at University of Missouri this week, spurred by several on-campus racist instances, this is only the beginning,… Read more »

Matt Taibbi is Right, Sanders is Awesome, It is We Who Suck

When I was a reporter in Vermont I got a chance to meet Senator Bernie Sanders a few times. He often gave town hall meetings to discuss Social Security, or cuts to the Post Office or LIHEAP. My impression is that Sanders is the real deal. I agree with Matt Taibbi, it is we who… Read more »

Interest Rates Low Because of Impending Doom, or the New Normal

I read this story today in the Huffington Post. The point of the story was that the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates low because they can see impending economic doom in our future. Reporter Daniel Marans includes a lot of data and graphs and quotes, but it comes across as pseudo-economics. So I wondered… Read more »

Can Sanders Really Win?

I like Bernie Sanders. I think he would make an amazing president. If he could truly lead this nation, we could do so much to move this nation forward. But putting aside the liberal fantasy of a Sanders presidency, I don’t think it happens. Sanders is doing OK against Clinton in Iowa. But let’s be… Read more »