Clinton Stole the Nomination and Exit Polls?

This New York Times story misses the mark. Exit polling?

In the story, Nate Cohen snickers at the goofy conspiracy theorists who think Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and exit polls are evidence of said conspiracy.

Now I get it, there are actual conspiracy nuts out there who believe this, but the exit poll thing isn’t the real reason these people are batshit.

The idea that Clinton implemented a wide-ranging, multi-state, conspiracy to steal the nomination from Sanders is stupid because Clinton didn’t need a conspiracy to win. While she might agree that Sanders got further than anyone thought he would get, Clinton never thought she was in danger of losing.

Now think about this.

If you believe Clinton to be a cold-calculating political person, you have to believe she’s capable of weighing risk versus reward. Rigging the election with a nation-wide conspiracy that would have had to included hundreds, if not thousands of people, would have a tremendously high risk factor. Even if Clinton would, or could have been able to pull off such a scheme, it’s insane to think that she ever felt like she needed to.

But, yes, those weirdos who don’t understand exit polling are silly too.

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