Membership List of Secret Rightwing Group Council for National Policy Revealed

Council for National Policy
The Southern Poverty Law Center was able to get a list of members to the secret rightwing group called The Council for National Policy.

Brent Bozell is a member. Bozell is a rightwinger to watch. The guy is an ultra-rightwing lunatic.

Check out this document which lists all of the people associated with the Council for National Policy uncovered by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Trump Campaign Leaders

There are many Trump supporters on the list, including Trump’s top two lieutenants – Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. It’s a who’s who of rightwing nuttery.

When this document was published, Phyllis Schlafly was a member. Schlafly once said, “Sex education classes are like in-home sales parties for abortions.”

Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich is also a member. He’s spent much of his life lying about the Clintons while earning points with the alt-right community.

Check it out. And thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center for digging this up.

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