COVID-19: Trump Isn’t Making Mistakes

Donald Trump’s response, or lack of response, to the Coronavirus is not a mistake. Trump isn’t bungling the response. Like everything Trump does, he’s pursuing what’s best for him, not the American people.

Here’s a paragraph from Foreign Policy.

Suffice it to say, the Trump administration has cumulatively failed, both in taking seriously the specific, repeated intelligence community warnings about a coronavirus outbreak and in vigorously pursuing the nationwide response initiatives commensurate with the predicted threat. The federal government alone has the resources and authorities to lead the relevant public and private stakeholders to confront the foreseeable harms posed by the virus. Unfortunately, Trump officials made a series of judgments (minimizing the hazards of COVID-19) and decisions (refusing to act with the urgency required) that have needlessly made Americans far less safe.

Foreign Policy. The Coronavirus Is the Worst Intelligence Failure in U.S. History. March 25, 2020.

There’s nothing obviously incorrect or inaccurate here. However, the writer said that the Trump administration “failed” in its response to the pandemic. It’s easy to look at what Trump has done as a failure.

People are going to needlessly suffer and die.

My issue is with the very premise that Trump can “fail” to adequately respond, since he never intended to respond in a productive and positive way. What’s happening is what Trump wants to occur.

This is what success for Trump, Putin and the GOP looks like. It’s a nightmare for us, but it’s paradise for them.

That whole Russia story was, and still is, very real. Putin’s goal is to destroy western democracies. Putin helped Trump get to the White House. He owns Trump. The best way to destabilize a nation is to create chaos.

What’s more chaotic, preventing a pandemic, or allowing hundreds of thousands of people dead?

So when framing this issue, our language matters. We need to speak about through the proper lens, because when we don’t, the truth can never be attained.

Trump isn’t failing, our democracy is.

But still, that FP story is a good one, give it a read.

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