Daily Caller warns of more racial activism by black athletes

Over at Tucker Carlson’s online rag The Daily Caller, Scott Greer prepares readers, white readers, to “brace” themselves for more black athletes will engage in “racial activism.”

What has Greer so fearful is that following the successful protests at University of Missouri this week, spurred by several on-campus racist instances, this is only the beginning, as black athletes across the country may demand justice too.

Quoting The Daily Caller’s comrade-in-arms Breitbart News, Greer wrote, “Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos aptly noted how similar the Yale incident resembled the actions of Mao Zedong’s notorious Red Guards. The Mizzou incident proves that this disturbing activity isn’t limited to New Haven. And in Columbus, the activists got the scalp they so desired.”

For the record, Zedong is responsible for the deaths of as many as 45 million people during his more than three decades in office.

But Greer even scoffs at the students complaints, one which includes the smearing of human feces on a wall in the shape of a swastika.

“The fact that anyone would consider a poop swastika the work of neo-Nazis is pretty deluded,” Greer wrote. “Nazis may love brown shirts, but that doesn’t mean they like to draw their honored icon out of brown matter.”


Apparently Greer is tapped into the thought-process of neo-Nazis. These poop-smearing neo-Nazis must not be real neo-Nazis.

And as for the “alleged” incidents of harassment, one which a black student was called a “nigger.” Greer said, “It’s also not within a university’s jurisdiction to punish speech.”

From there Greer calls the student athletes rapists and espouses sympathy for frat boys in Oklahoma who were expelled after being caught on tape happily singing about lynching black people.

”The expulsion,” he wrote, “was a gross violation of the students’ constitutional rights and would likely be easily dismissed in court.”

I could go on, but doing so would only give Greer more credibility than he deserves. His opinion piece is a laundry list of the most common and hackneyed attempts to distract, diminish, and degrade black people seeking justice by speaking truth to power.

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