David Wildstein Guilty Plea Documentation

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s buddy David Wildstein entered a guilty plea today regarding his involvement in the George Washington Bridge conspiracy.

Wildstein has been working with law enforcement to get to the truth behind the curious lane closures that happened in September 2013. Wildstein said that Christie’s Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly and the governor’s go-to-guy at the Port Authority Bill Baroni were co-conspirators.

But the real bombshell from today’s press conference by Wildstein’s attorney came when he said that Christie knew about the lane closures while they were happening and that Wildstein has proof to back up that claim.

Federal prosecutors have announced 9 federal charges against Kelly and Baroni today.

David Wildstein plea deal documentation.

Pay attention to section “E,” which states that the Port Authority received more than $10,000 in federal funding. That, I think, is important because that makes this a federal case with federal charges.

If what Wildstein said is true, Baroni lied in his testimony to the state legislature when he said that the lane closures were part of a traffic study.

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