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Democratic Leadership Loves Their Two-Party System

Democratic Leadership Loves Their Two-Party System

Love is what Democratic leadership feels towards our two-party system of government and it’s killing us.

A strong Republican party is what House Speaker Pelosi said that we as a nation need, just a few months ago.

In a interview last year, former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said that our two party system is the envy of the world.

It’s not. Our democracy might be somewhat envious to people living under fascist rule, but one doesn’t find too many countries switching from a parliamentary system to our fakakta structures of government.

Yet listen, to Democratic leaders, you will never hear them talk about a multi-party system. We must have a two-party system and that’s the only way it can ever be in the US. We can’t have three parties, or seven, we must only have two because that’s the perfect number of parties, and the only way we can ever do it.

That’s obviously not true.

Political parties are not defined in the Constitution.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are private entities, not government agencies. The only reason we don’t have 10 parties or 26 parties or zero parties is because the Democrats and the Republicans have locked up the electoral process to box out any potential threats to their power.

That power is rooted in the two-party system.

On one hand, Democrats should welcome a third party conservative party to fracture the right. But they don’t for two reason. One is that they don’t want liberals getting any crazy ideas of their own. Also, Democrats don’t want to have fight two right-wing parties, when now they just have to fight one.

It’s simple, we have a two-party system, and that’s the way it is, we’re told.

This is also why you won’t see Democrats pursuing any of the crimes Trump and the GOP committed during Trump’s disastrous administration. Democratic leaders don’t want to topple the GOP. They want the GOP to be their “opponent.” The GOP is the opposition that Democratic leaders know and love.

But times are changing.

The GOP has melted down into a puddle piss. They can’t even pretend to care about doing anything meaningful for the people who elected them. All the GOP cares about is keeping people from voting. And if people do vote, to not trust the results. Also, Republicans launched a violent insurrection, killed at least one police officer while trying to hang Mike Pence and Pelosi, but apparently that’s OK. Trump obviously worked closely with Putin to get elected, and while in office, but that’s not a thing anyone cares about anymore? Put away your Mueller Time t-shirts, that’s over now. Putin did just take one of our major gas pipelines offline for awhile.

Ignore the GOP though, there’s not we can do about that mess, but we can clean up our house.

Democratic leadership’s unwillingness to take out the GOP when it is so weak and compromised is a problem. The GOP is literally a party of Nazis and traitors, pedophiles and ding dongs. It’s obnoxious that there’s even talk about the GOP taking back the House. Democratic leaders need to start fighting back a lot harder or resign their positions of power and let the next generation have a crack at it.

Stop making excuses for shitty Democratic leadership. We have to demand results, not more of this turn the page bullshit.

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