Dems to Call GOP Bluff on DHS Funding

It looks like the Democrats are going to call the Republican bluff regarding funding of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Republicans in the House passed a DHS funding bill that includes provisions to stop President Obama’s immigration executive orders.

House Republicans told the Senate that if a bill comes out of the Senate that does not include the immigration reform riders, the bill will not pass the House, and the Department of Homeland Security will be shut down.

Well Senate Republicans are sending the House a clean funding bill without the immigration issues attached to it. So now it’s up to the House GOP whether they are going to do what they have been threatening, which is to shoot the proverbial hostage.

Of course if one were to ask a Republican member of congress who is holding DHS funding hostage, it’s the Senate Democrats who filibustered the original House bill, thus forcing Senate Republicans to strip out the immigration language. That’s the same argument a terrorist would make if a government didn’t cough up the money they asked for. “We had to kill the hostage because our demands were not met. So it’s not our fault we killed the hostage.”

Now House Republicans are talking about a short-term bill to fund DHS for a few weeks and to go into conference with the Senate to iron out the legislative differences. Democrats aren’t inclined to support a stop-gap spending bill, so it really does look like the GOP might have to shoot this hostage when it’s over.

If they do, let’s hope there’s no major event requiring DHS support, like a terrorist attack.

(h/t HuffingtonPost)

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