Donald Trump is Amazing

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump is amazing. I’ve been watching, writing about and engaged in politics on some level for more than 20 years and I’ve never seen anyone like him. Trump is an unvarnished egotistical salesmen and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Here is Trump’s plan. Say crazy stuff every day, get tons of press coverage (free advertising) and just blast away at his Republican opponents.

His most recent shenanigans involve Senator Lindsey Graham of South Caroline and Senator John McCain of Arizona. Trump called Graham an idiot before giving out the senator’s personal cell phone number on live TV. Trump said he gave out Graham’s phone number because it was “fun.” He said that he and his crew had a good laugh and got tons of press coverage to boot. As for McCain, Trump said that McCain wasn’t a hero because he got caught in Vietnam. McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese and tortured for five years as a prisoner of war. Trump avoided the Vietnam war with five deferments.

All over Twitter and Facebook, everyone is laughing at Trump and calling him an asshole, but as far as Trump is concerned, if people talking about him, that’s all that matters. And he’s right.

To get on the stage for the national Republican party debates, a candidate must rank in the top 10 on national polls. So it doesn’t matter if Trump is doing well in Iowa or New Hampshire, all he has to do is be in the top 10. Well, he’s got that locked up because most polls are showing Trump in the number 1 or number 2 spot. So he’s in the debates, that’s for certain.

Once he’s on the stage, watch out Republican candidates, Trump has no reason to play nice, he’s going to go for the throat and the other candidates are scared.

I don’t know if his strategy will get Trump the Republican nomination, but I think it will get him pretty far along in the process. Trump will probably gracefully bow out of the race at some point – not really.

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