Donald Trump Under Indictment

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Late Saturday night, Claude Tayler and Louise Mensch have dropped a bombshell story that Donald Trump is under indictment.

Taylor, a longtime political operator, and Mensch, a former British conservative member of parliament and now investigative journalist, teamed up to write what can only be described as a shocker.

The story is only two paragraphs and it’s not publicly sourced, but if accurate, could provide the basis for impeachment.

According to Taylor, he and Mensch have separate sources, both corroborating the same information. Taylor tweeted that a grand jury operating under the FISA court has issued the sealed indictment.

Because of the special constitutional powers of the presidency, Trump can’t yet be prosecuted with this indictment, but Mensch and Taylor report that the sealed indictment can be used as a basis to impeach him.

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