Fascist Tried to Kill Me in Charlottesville, He Killed One Woman and Injured 19

So I drove to Charlottesville to support equality and to oppose racism and fascism. I was there for about 10 minutes when a lunatic tried to kill me and the hundred other people who were near me. The car, a Dodge Challenger rammed into the crowd, and two other cars, passing within about three feet of hitting me. The driver backed up and ran over even more people. One woman, Heather Heyer, 32, was killed and 19 others were injured.

I did what seems like a natural reaction – I ran the other way. I was worried the driver was going to get out and start shooting people. I literally ran for my life.

The situation was like this. I arrived in Charlottesville at some time around 1:30PM, parked my car on Water Street about a block from the visitor’s center. I texted my wife “Here” at 1:31PM. I used the bathroom at the visitor’s center. I walked west on East Main Street until I got to 4th Street Southeast. I saw a crowd of counter protesters in the intersection of 4th Street Southeast and East Main Street. They looked like my people and so I started to walk south on 4th Street Southeast.

I noticed three cars on 4th Street. There was a minivan in front, some sort of sedan and a gray Dodge Challenger. This street is a narrow one-way street. The vehicles were stuck, people were totally filling the streets and intersection. I walked passed the gray Challenger, which was pointed south. I remember one of the drivers honked their horn, but I don’t know which one it was. Maybe 10 seconds after I passed the Challenger, the driver gunned the car, ran over several people, bodies were flying everywhere and slammed into the sedan so hard that it slammed into the minivan stopped in front of it. I thought I saw one person crushed, but I don’t really remember much of the details. The Challenger than immediately went in reverse and ran several more people over. People were being dragged and more bodies were flying everywhere. People were screaming and I just booked out of there. I crossed East Main Street where I caught my breath. I was in shock. I sent a tweet at 1:45PM.

And to heighten the fear factor even more, about 10 or 15 minutes after the terrorist attack, I was talking to some people about what happened and someone fired a gun. At that point, a woman running from the gunshot told me about a bar that was a safe space for liberals. I went there and had a beer to decompress. It was a totally insane experience.

So to everyone who didn’t take their vote seriously in 2016, or who just couldn’t vote for Clinton, thanks. If you voted for a write-in a candidate because you didn’t think your vote in Vermont, or wherever didn’t matter, you screwed up. Had Clinton won by 5 million rather than 3 million, maybe the Electoral College would have gone differently. To everyone who just couldn’t put their own selfishness aside and vote for Clinton, you failed. If we get to vote again, not necessarily guaranteed, take it more seriously next time and try to put your own pettiness and selfishness aside. People are literally being murdered because they’re emboldened by Trump’s “win.”

Here’s a story about the woman who was murdered, Heather Heyer.

Here’s another story about Heyer

Here’s the current Huffington Post story on it.

Here’s the guy who tried to kill me.


    1. Yeah you should. You helped a fascist become president and now there’s a fascist uprising. Vote better next time. It’s not all about you and your fragile conscience.

    2. Well, you certainly knew this would be the outcome if it wasn’t Hillary, right? Russia just needed to game the system by suppressing enough Hillary votes in battle ground states through general hatred sewn by the alt-right… and they did. So if you didn’t vote or you voted for a 3rd party candidate… as far as this election was concerned, it may as well been a vote for Trump http://www.businessinsider.com/evidence-russia-meddled-in-us-election-2017-6 http://dashboard.securingdemocracy.org/

    3. Yes, just yes. ANY that was not for Hilary was a vote for Trump. You knew what kind of man Trump was, you had lots of clues too numerous to mention. Voting your conscience is the reason this country and its citizens are dealing with 50 years of regression as a nation. So f*ck your and everyone else’s conscience

  1. Thanks for sharing and I am glad you’re safe. You can’t blame this on people who didn’t vote for Hillary. Bernie should have been our candidate since he would have won, so you’re wrong to blame us. You need to blame Clinton herself and the DNC for rigging the election for Hillary and still losing!

    1. I’m actually going to blame whoever I want. I voted for Sanders in the primary. Then I volunteered for Clinton in the general. Too many people just got played so badly and now people are literally being murdered. Voting matters.

  2. I’m glad you survived such a despicable act!
    Thank you for posting about it and sharing your experience. We need more people like you during this horrible time. UR VOICE MATTERS!!
    -greetings from CA <3

  3. No way was an atheist, communist Jew going to win the election over Trump. I voted for Bernie and gave to his campaign, but I campaigned hard for Hillary.

  4. To the woman who wrote she voted her conscience: your conscience dictated, because you did not get what you wanted (Bernie), your conscience would be at ease voting for Trump (either by voting third party or for Trump?). What does your conscience say, if you ever meet Heather’s parents? Just wondering?

  5. I was with you 100% until you started blaming anti neoliberalism for fascist actions… That is BS and I promise you there were Bernie and Stein voters out there with you. Glad you survived, heartbroken that Heather didn’t. NO MORE LOST LIVES. No liberal voter wanted this, so stop acting like it was premeditated. Now let’s stop blaming people who voted their conscience for the acts of madmen and fix our county, shall we?

    1. As long as you feel good about your vote, don’t worry about it. But the fact is, those who tore down Clinton and fell for bullshit Russian propaganda, played their part in allowing Trump and Nazis to capture the Oval office.

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