GOP, Bankruptcy and the Death of Democracy in America

The Republican party is evil. The Republican party has been evil my entire life, so that’s at least 47 years. However, this new GOP has taken evil to the next level and the next level after that.

Former George W. Bush Speechwriter David Frum wrote in The Atlantic about why Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) supports states declaring bankruptcy rather than getting help from the federal government.

It’s a quick read, and I recommend you do read Frum’s entire piece, but I’ll nutshell it for you.

Republicans want states to file bankruptcy because the federal government via federal judges oversees bankruptcies. The GOP, since at least the George W. Bush administration, has been stacking the federal court benches with conservatives wing nuts. So if California files bankruptcy, for instance, it would be one of McConncell’s rightwing, goofball judges essentially running the state of California. That’s obviously not something Republicans could pull off via elections in California. McConnell is trying to use bankruptcy courts to do an end run around voters. They did something similar to this in Michigan with the “emergency manager” law.

But let’s step back a bit. Pull the lens out from this story Frum is telling about bankruptcies. If we widen our gaze and listen closely, there’s a common tune you can hear in much of what the GOP does. The Republican party views democracy as its enemy, and so GOP leaders are actively, aggressively working to dismantle our democracy right in front of us.

It is for this reason that people need to STOP thinking that we’re going to vote our way out of this nightmare. We need to do much more than vote. Think about it, Russia holds elections too. Hillary Clinton beat Trump by nearly 3 million votes. The GOP has won the popular vote for president ONCE since 1988, and that was 2004 and following the Supreme Court sponsored theft of 2000.

We need to organize way more quickly with much greater velocity than we are now. The Republicans are literally killing us right now. When is enough enough to get Democrats fired up?

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  1. Well said. There’s so much that needs to be done but now I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best achieved one step at a time. Sadly but through experience. Ready for reform though.

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