Joe Scarborough has no idea why Mizzou students are so mad

In a panel discussion that included a grand total of eight talking heads on “Morning Joe” today, host Joe Scarborough is flummoxed to understand why the University of Missouri students are so upset.

It couldn’t be the lack of a sufficient response to a black student being called a “nigger,” or a swastika smeared on a campus wall in human feces, or the college president himself aggressively driving his car through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters. Clearly the students felt that the university administration was failing to create culture on campus that espoused inclusiveness rather than divisiveness. Their complaints were not being heard.

But Scarborough couldn’t see it.

“What are the specifics? I’ve been reading since this photograph was taken, looking for specifics of systemic actions that have made students feel excluded,” Scarborough said to Pulitzer Prize winner journalist Eugene Robinson, who sadly, agreed with Scarborough.

It’s a play from the same old playbook. The slightest slight directed at white Christians, like Starbucks holiday cups that don’t have reindeer on them is valid and an atrocity, but outright unaddressed racism directed at black people, there needs to be much, much more proof that someone has been wronged.

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