Life After Charlottesville

You can see me in some of the videos of the Charlottesville terrorist attack that left Heather Heyer did and many more injured. I’m wearing the green shirt with the red back pack.

Since Saturday I’ve struggled to stay focused and I’m always on alert. On Tuesday, I was walking from my office to my car after work and there was a gray Explorer waiting to pick someone up and it was running. The air conditioning must have kicked in and the engine revved up. For a split second I thought, “Are they going to run me over?”

Then today, I was at 7/11 and there was a guy in line in front of me who looked a lot like the Nazis in Charlottesville. While rationally, I had no reason to be concerned with this guy picking up slices of cheese pizza on his lunch break, but I couldn’t help it. I watched that guy the entire time I was in the store.

What’s he doing now?

Why is his back to me and what’s in his hand?

Does he have a gun?

Is he going to shoot the cashier because she’s black and then kill me because I’m a witness?

Did he see me Charlottesville and he’s coming to finish the job?

All of these crazy thoughts went through my head in about 90 seconds. It wasn’t that I was afraid of him, but I was definitely on alert that he might be a threat to me.

I know, you’re not supposed to judge people by how they look, but if you look like a racist, or a Nazi, I’m going to consider you a possible threat.

Help this person, who was brutally beaten in Charlottesville with this GoFundMe campaign.

You can read my firsthand account of being on that street in Charlottesville during the terrorist attack here.

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