List of Democrats Working with Trump

With Donald Trump sitting in the Oval, it’s important to note which Democrats are actively working with and supporting this person who is a racist, bigot, misogynist and all around disgusting human being.

Carson for HUD Secretary

In a shocking move, it appears that two of the most vocal progressives in the Senate will vote to confirm Ben Carson to be the next Housing and Urban Development secretary. Carson has zero experience working with housing or anything related to the agency’s mandate. He has said about himself that he is unqualified to run a government agency. And yet, here is Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, two supposed liberals in the Senate, casting votes in support of Trump’s unqualified candidate to lead this important agency.

Pompeo Vote

Trump nominated Tea Party House Representative Michael Pompeo (R-KS) to be his CIA director. On January 23, the following 14 Democratic Senators felt it was important to support Trump’s choice to lead the CIA.

Joe Donnelly of Indiana voted for Pompeo. Donnelly also voted for General James Mattis and General John Kelly to be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The Mattis and Kelly nominees are interesting in that we have had a tradition that our military is civilian controlled. That’s now no longer the case.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is retiring and wanted to demonstrate her support of the Trump administration by voting for Pompeo.

Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire is new to the US Senate. Hassan voted for Pompeo. Hassan was joined by her granite state counterpart Jeanne Shaheen, as well as Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Brian Schatz of Hawaii, and Mark Warner of Virginia.

Trump also received the support of Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and senator and former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine of Virginia.

Met with Trump as President-elect

He’s no longer an elected politician, but still, former Vice President Al Gore met with Trump and Trump’s daughter Ivanka on December 5. Apparently while running her father’s business, she’s also going to focusing on climate change.


The day after the election, Gore wrote, “I wish him well in these efforts and intend to do everything I can to work with him and his administration to ensure that our nation remains a leader in the global effort to meet this challenge.”

Gore is crazy if he anything good will come from normalizing the Trump administration.

I just came across this on December 5, but on November 21, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) met with Trump to discuss Syria.


Gabbard seems to realize that meeting with Trump is a problem. She said, “While the rules of political expediency would say I should have refused to meet with President-elect Trump, I never have and never will play politics with American and Syrian lives.”

Regardless of the reason, normalizing Trump is not going to help anyone but Trump.

On December 2, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, Senator of North Dakota, met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York.


The big joke was that Heitkamp got on the elevator with the “naked cowboy” who hangs out in the lobby. But the real story is that she’s meeting with a racist and a bigot. Whether this means she’s going to be working with Trump is not knowable, but she’s meeting with him, so she’s tentatively on the list.

If you know of any more Democrats prostrating themselves before Trump, let me know in the comment section and provide some sort of verifiable evidence.

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