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The Nation’s Elie Mystal: Repeal the 2nd Amendment Now

The Nation’s Elie Mystal: Repeal the 2nd Amendment Now

Elie Mystal is a genius. And I’m not just sucking up to him because I agree with literally everything he says and writes, actually that is why I’m sucking up to Mr. Mystal.

For example, way back in 2019, before Covid but after Mr. Gold Plated Toilet took office, Mr. Mystal wrote that the effort to repeal the 2nd amendment should begin now, well, in 2019, but it still hasn’t started so, now. The excuse that repealing the 2nd amendment is too hard, Mystal blows that out of the proverbial water – literally.

It will take overwhelming popular support to repeal the Second Amendment, but guess what, it takes overwhelming popular support to do anything about gun regulation. The utility of starting to muster that popular support against the Second Amendment is that, if successful, that support cannot be frustrated by Republican judges ensconced in our antidemocratic branch of government. If Republicans tell us it’s the Second Amendment that stands in the way of reasonable gun reform, then it’s the Second Amendment that we should be coming for.

Please, read Mr. Mystal’s complete story here. And if you’ve got some money to spare, I urge you to consider donating to The Nation here.

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