It needed to happen years ago, certainly last year, but it’s never too late. We, the left, progressives, liberals, Democrats need to #occupyDC.

There needs to be sustained, permanent occupation of land in DC, for instance, the National Mall. We need thousands of people to be camped out on that parcel of land until Trump is gone and we’ve broken the back of the Republican.

How do we do that? That I don’t know, I’m not a political organizer, but here are my thoughts.

With the help of organizations like MoveOn.org, Media Matters for America, League of Women Voters, the NAACP, the Nation of Islam, the DNC, churches that actually believe in Jesus Christ, and people like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Alyssa Milano, Ted Lieu, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, the Obamas, etc help organize a massive #occupyDC permanent protest in DC.

Through some sort of app, web platform to communicate, coordinate and collaborate thousands of people to rotate in and out of the occupation site, as well as to promote it, book speakers, bands, etc, whatever it takes to sustain a longterm occupation of DC.

This post is largely a stream of conscious. I really do not how to do this, but I do know we need to do it. Step up. Activate yourself. Engage.

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