Paul Manafort Eastern District Virginia Criminal Court Case Documents

I’m following this USA v. Manafort et al criminal case in the eastern district of Virginia courthouse as best as I can via court documents and news reports.

As I acquire information and data, I’ll dump it here largely for my own reference, but so others can dig into the court documents if that’s interesting to them.

This isn’t all of the documents related to this case, just those that I’ve looked at and paid to download from online court database.

Trial proceedings Day 2

Government Evidence List 1:18-cr-00083-TSE

Government Brief 1:18-cr-00083-TSE

Gov’t motion to exclude some evidence 1:18-cr-00083-TSE

Eastern VA Case Summary 1:18-cr-00083-TSE

Eastern VA Case Docket 1:18-cr-00083-TSE

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