President-elect Trump Is Still Bitching

Early this morning, President-elect Donald Trump was bitching on Twitter about the New York Times.

Apparently, Trump and folks from the New York Times were supposed to meet but Trump canceled the meeting.


The New York Times responded that the president elect is full horse poop.


And in his usual whiny tone, Trump sniffled.


The New York Times did the right thing, there’s no reason for one of the most read newspapers in the world to bow before Trump. He wants to control news organizations, that can’t happen. News organizations everywhere need to be resolute in their desire aggressively cover Trump – even if Chuck Todd insists on being bad at his job.

We’re now in the 2000 when George W. Bush was president. The press was weak and when 9/11 happened they buckled and the result was a war that left tens of thousands of people dead and destabilized the entire Middle East and northern Africa.

Let’s not do that again.

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