Rightblogger at World Net Daily seeks to delegitimize Mizzou protesters

This is getting beyond cliche. The World Net Daily, a rabid anti-progressive dumping ground for the ignorant class is doing its best to delegitimize the Mizzou protesters by, you guessed it, calling them liars.

Douglas Ernst, a former employee of Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times, wrote that Mizzou student protesters Payton Head and Jonathan Butler are full of shit.

Here’s his evidence.

Head hastily posted to social media on Wednesday that there were KKK members on campus and that they were looking for black people to harm. It’s not clear where Head got that information, but it was proven to be inaccurate and he later apologized for the error.

On Facebook, Head wrote, “I’m sorry about the misinformation that I have shared through social media. In a state of alarm, I was concerned for all students of the University of Missouri and wanted to ensure that everyone was safe. I received and shared information from multiple incorrect sources, which I deeply regret.”

How is Butler a liar?

According to Ernst, it’s because his father is an executive at Union Pacific Railroad, and reportedly earns more than $8 million a year. What does that information, while mildly interesting data to include on a Wikipedia page, have anything to do with the University of Missouri’s race problems?

And now for the big lie that tears at the very essence of what the Mizzou students, athletes and faculty are protesting about, which is poop — particularly the so-called feces swastika.

“Perhaps the most egregious claim by students at the University of Missouri,” according to Ernst, “involves a story of a swastika made out of human waste.”

I’ll admit it, if this shit smearing did happen, there would probably be a few photos of it floating around on Twitter, but I’ve not seen one. So there’s a reasonable chance that the poop swastika never happened.

But is this what we’re supposed to believe is the reason for Butler’s hunger strike, which began before the poop story dropped? Because this campus rumor exploded onto the national press, it invalidates — or delegitimizes — all of the grievances that these students and faculty are petitioning the administration for redress?

It’s a textbook tactic that the best way to destroy your opponent isn’t to challenge their specific arguments, but rather, just paint them as liars. The right does the same thing to Hillary Clinton. They do the same thing to President Obama. She’s sneaky. He’s not even an American. And now at Mizzou, or the greater Black Lives Matter movement, they’re liars. They can’t be trusted. What they’re saying is invalid and not even worth responding to.

And this strategy works well for the right because the conservative media echo chamber runs with it every time. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and all of the fringe publications like World Net Daily blast away at their enemy until there is nothing left but a pack of liars whose grievances are invalid. Game. Set. Match.

Unfortunately, the mainstream news media follow along and provide the necessary credibility to the right’s attacks, and once that happens, it’s over. The status quo remains intact.

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