Sandra Bland Stop and Arrest Transcript

The Huffington Post now has what appears to be the complete transcript of Sandra Bland’s illegal arrest.

At no point during the arrest did State Trooper Brian Encinia do the right thing. Encinia clearly violated Bland’s rights repeatedly and provided a perfect example of how to be a really shitty cop.

Bland repeatedly asked why she was being arrested. No response from Encinia. Bland told Encinia that he did not have the right to remove her from the her vehicle for a routine traffic stop. Encinia said he did have that right and he was wrong. According to the transcript it appears that Encinia assaulted Bland, yet Encinia claims she assaulted him.

The transcript doesn’t shed any light on why or how Bland ended up dead, but it sure looks like those cops did not want a black woman, who knows the law, taking them to court.

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