Sketchy Harvey, Got Too Sketchy, Now He’s …

The adage, “Follow the money,” it’s right at the center of the Harvey Weinstein collapse.

The Huffington Post has an excellent story about how one goofy financial transaction lead to the explosive accusations by many women that Weinstein had raped or sexually assaulted them.

In the Huffington Post story, reporter Yashar Ali details a complex scheme perpetrated by Kenneth Cole and Weinstein. I feel like I need to read the story again, but the details of one $600,000 transaction are murky. It seems to be some sort of scheme to manipulate two charities to the benefit of one Weinstein’s for-profit plays.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has opened an investigation into this shady financial transaction. That deal, while sketchy as eff, is relatively boring, but that deal toppled over a stone, exposing Weinstein’s truly dark side.

One of the non-profits involved in the deal, amfAR, hired an investigator to look into this deal Weinstein and Cole cooked up. While nosing around, the investigator started hearing from people that Weinstein is allegedly a sexual predator.

There are accusations of rape. And had it not been for that sketchy pseudo-loan scam Cole and Weinstein concocted using Cole’s own charity, amfAR, maybe Weinstein would have gotten away with it.

Kudos to Huffington Post and reporter Ali, it’s an excellent piece.

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