Steve Wynn Political Campaign Contributions

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn

Republicans lambasted Democrats for accepting campaign contributions from Harvey Weinstein. But now that one of the GOP’s top donors and money guys has been ensnared in the #MeToo movement, I’m not hearing the same lambasting from Republicans about campaign contributions from Wynn.

Here’s a list of some of Wynn’s political contributions over the years. According to this data pulled from, Wynn has donated to both Democrats and Republicans, but Republicans got more from him than Democrats.

Date Amount Candidate/Organization
07-07-1998 $1,000 Steve Lonegan (R)
09-29-2000 $20,000 Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte (D)
02-23-2004 $1,000 National Leadership PAC (D)
04-20-2006 $2,000 Dawn Gibbons (R)
03-08-2007 $975 Mitt Romney (R)
05-02-2007 $1,000 Frank A LoBiondo (R)
07-06-2008 $250 National Education Assn
05-16-2011 $1,000 Mitt Romney (R)
06-29-2012 $250 Barack Obama (D)
04-17-2015 $2,700 Marco Rubio (R)
04-17-2015 $5,000 Reclaim America PAC (R)
04-22-2015 $2,700 Pat Toomey (R)
04-22-2015 $2,500 Pat Toomey (R)
09-17-2012 $2,000 Mitt Romney (R)
02-29-2016 $2,700 Rob Portman (R)
02-29-2016 $2,700 Rob Portman (R)
09-22-2016 $10,000 New Hampshire Republican State Cmte (R)
10-16-2016 $50 Evan Bayh (D)

This list shows that Wynn has given Democrats $21,300 since 2000. But there’s an odd $20,000 donation in 2000 to the DNC. In 2004, Wynn gave $1,000 to the National Leadership PAC. Without those two donations, he’s only given $300 to Democratic candidates. That includes one $250 donation to Barrack Obama in 2012, and $50 to Evan Bayh in 2016.

Rob Portman

Rob Portman

When it comes to Republicans though, Wynn was quite generous.

Just based on this data, Wynn has donated $36,275 to Republicans. Romney got a total of $3,975. Marco Rubio received one donation for $2,700. Pat Toomey got $5,200. US Senator Rob Portman, of Ohio, raked in the most from Wynn. Portman collected $10,600 from Wynn since 2015.

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