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Open Letter to Democrats: Just Say No

As a protest to the Republican party choosing Donald Trump as their leader, Democrats at all levels of government must simply say, “No.” Whenever possible, Democrats in Congress and state legislatures must block every Republican bill every where. We, the people, will back every politician who does the right thing. Those who don’t, well, good… Read more »

List of Companies that Support Donald Trump

I created this list of people who worked for the Donald Trump for President campaign. When I made the list, I assumed Trump would get his ass handed to him on a gold-plated serving platter and the wreckage of his run would be limited to his campaign. I was wrong. So now I’m making a… Read more »

Trump has to Win all Tossup States, Clinton Needs One

Based on the latest polling data, Trump needs to essentially sweep all tossup states to win. To be the next president, a candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes. According Real Clear Politics, Clinton is likely to get 262 electoral votes and Trump is likely gets 126. That leaves 150 electoral votes with so-called tossup… Read more »

Presidential Debate Schedule 2016

There are three debates scheduled between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. September 26 at Hofstra University in New York at 9PM eastern. October 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri at 9PM eastern. October 19 at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas at 9PM eastern. Unlike the primary debates, which were sometimes locked… Read more »

Clinton Stole the Nomination and Exit Polls?

This New York Times story misses the mark. Exit polling? In the story, Nate Cohen snickers at the goofy conspiracy theorists who think Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and exit polls are evidence of said conspiracy. Now I get it, there are actual conspiracy nuts out there who believe this, but the… Read more »

List of People Who Work/Worked for the Donald Trump for President Campaign

The people who work for the Donald Trump campaign should be ashamed of themselves. Working for an obvious racist, misogynist, bigot should be a career-ender, but unfortunately that’s not usually how it works in politics. This is just my attempt to catalog the names of people who worked for the Trump campaign. There are obviously… Read more »

The Day After

When I was a kid, a movie called “The Day After” aired on television. The cast included Steve Guttenberg, Jason Robards and John Lithgow. The film was about the day after the USSR and USA exchange nuclear weapons. It was pretty scary for an 11-year-old, but I was a cold war kid, I could handle… Read more »

Clinton Supports NAFTA (VIDEO)

For some reason, perhaps it’s youth, some people don’t believe us when we say that Hillary Clinton advocated for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Here’s the video.

Hillary Clinton Says “Yes” to Chocolate

March 6, 2016 NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Today, Hillary Clinton announces that she does, in fact, like chocolate. The former first lady, senator and secretary of state maintains a healthy and balanced diet, one that frequently includes chocolate. “I love it,” Clinton told reporters outside her New York campaign office. “When I was a… Read more »

Journalism Kind of Sucks Now

Journalism sucks today. The failure of 21st century journalism is no more glaring than in national political reporting. It’s bad. Take for instance this “news” story in the Washington Post today. The “reporters” Karen Tumulty and Anne Gearan wrote this lede. “Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, meeting Thursday night for their last debate before the… Read more »