What Democrats Don’t Care About, But Should

As a less-than-casual observer of politics in America, I find it fascinating the things politicians don’t do.

What people don’t do is often a better indicator of their motives and objectives than looking at what they do.

Electoral College

The electoral college issue is particularly intriguing. The Republican party has won the popular vote for president once since 1988. That one win was in 2004, obviously predicated on the shenanigans from 2000 with the Supreme Court.

That the electoral college is clearly not to the advantage of Democrats, doesn’t seem to bother party leadership. That the GOP has certainly figured out how to game the electoral college system with targeted misinformation and manipulation (e.g. see 2016 and current 2020 tactics), the electoral college is not an issue Democratic leaders think is worth mentioning.

Donald Trump

It’s August, more than 160,000 people have died from covid-19. By the time Joe Biden is inaugurated in January, at least another 160,000 Americans who woke up this morning will be dead from covid-19.

Trump was impeached by the House for pressuring an ally to dig up dirt, or pretend to have dirt on Joe Biden. Trump is still pushing misinformation about Joe Biden with help from Russia.

Trump does not care that Russia is paying to have US soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Trump is unfit to be commander in chief. Democratic leaders know that. We all know that. Yet when has Pelosi called for Trump to resign? Or Hoyer? Or Schumer? Or Nadler? Or even AOC? No Democrats are passionately and consistently making the case that Trump should resign immediately.

I find that bizarre.

The only course of action is voting, they tell us daily.

That’s it.

We’re putting everything in voting, and if it doesn’t work – it didn’t in 2016 – we’re legit screwed. It won’t matter what Pelosi says after Trump is inaugurated in 2021. It won’t matter what anyone says. Trump is going to steamroll everyone and anything that gets in his way.

But the sad and cynical part of the Democratic leadership plan to simply vote is that 160,000 people will die while they implement that plan. I sure hope it works out, because for the last four years, nothing has worked out.


Trump’s No Useful Idiot, He’s an Active Player Working with Russia

As New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says in his column today, Donald Trump is no useful idiot, and that he “probably knows very well how much he owes to Vladimir Putin.”

Let’s just drop the “probably.” Remember this Salon story back in October in which it was discovered that a special server Trump setup communicated with only one other server located in Russia. We still don’t know the purpose of it, but it was probably a means of sending messages.

It’s been 142 days since Trump’s last press conference. That’s the one when he asked Russian intelligence agencies to hack Clinton.

Yes. Our election was severely compromised by Russians, news media here in the US, Republican politicians and the Trump team. We got played. Now what are we going to do about it?

The Constitution provides a remedy for this very specific situation – the electoral college. Alexander Hamilton wrote about the purpose of the electoral college in Federalist Paper 68. In it he said there are basically two reasons for the electoral college. One is to prevent someone who is merely famous, but ill-suited to be president, from winning the popular vote and becoming president. The other reason is to stop a foreign government from trying to install a president. Trump is both of those things. So if the electoral college will not right this wrong, we’ll need to settle this one in the streets.