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Why I Really Am with Her

There was no way I was ever voting for Donald Trump in November. And there really was no way I wasn’t going to vote. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Maryland primary, but once it was clear he wasn’t going to win, I was planning to vote for Hillary Clinton. So it’s no surprise… Read more »

If You Don’t Vote for Clinton in November

There’s a lot of emotion right now among liberals who supported Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nominee to be the next president. But if you’re a liberal, progressive, whatever, and you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton in November, you’re a fucking idiot. I voted for Sanders in my primary, but I sure as shit will… Read more »

Clinton Supports NAFTA (VIDEO)

For some reason, perhaps it’s youth, some people don’t believe us when we say that Hillary Clinton advocated for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Here’s the video.

Hillary Clinton Says “Yes” to Chocolate

March 6, 2016 NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Today, Hillary Clinton announces that she does, in fact, like chocolate. The former first lady, senator and secretary of state maintains a healthy and balanced diet, one that frequently includes chocolate. “I love it,” Clinton told reporters outside her New York campaign office. “When I was a… Read more »

Journalism Kind of Sucks Now

Journalism sucks today. The failure of 21st century journalism is no more glaring than in national political reporting. It’s bad. Take for instance this “news” story in the Washington Post today. The “reporters” Karen Tumulty and Anne Gearan wrote this lede. “Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, meeting Thursday night for their last debate before the… Read more »

Can Sanders Really Win?

I like Bernie Sanders. I think he would make an amazing president. If he could truly lead this nation, we could do so much to move this nation forward. But putting aside the liberal fantasy of a Sanders presidency, I don’t think it happens. Sanders is doing OK against Clinton in Iowa. But let’s be… Read more »

The Hillary Clinton Email Issue Explained

I’m an expert in information technology. I’ve been in this game for nearly 20 years, I’ve done just about anything and everything you could do as a technologist. I’m going to explain this Hillary Clinton email server story to you. Set aside all of the partisan chatter and the lame attempts by journalists to understand… Read more »

New York Times Doesn’t Understand the Freedom of Information Act

Update July 24, 2015: The New York Times is now back-pedaling this story. Apparently the probe isn’t criminal or even related to any potential wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. It’s an investigation into whether Clinton was on the receiving end of classified information. Update July 25, 2015: For more on how shockingly wrong this entire Clinton… Read more »

And She’s Off

Former first lady, senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced today that she is running become the next president of the United States of America. If you thought Republican’s Obama derangement syndrome was too much, multiply that insanity by 100 when directed at Hillary Clinton. Let’s hope more Democrats step into the fray.