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Reporters Can’t See the Big Fat Orange Forest

My most harsh criticism of modern journalism is that coverage almost always misses the larger forest by focusing so intensely on each of the trees. It’s called turn-of-the-screw journalism. It goes like this. This happened and then this happened and he said this and she said and this happened. When you consume that news you… Read more »

Tulsi Gabbard’s Secret Trip to Syria

Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard has just taken a secret “fact finding” trip to war-torn Syria. Gabbard, of Hawaii, has long been critical of regime change in Syria. She thinks we should leave Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power. It is believed that Assad is responsible for using chemical weapons, and that he’s killed at least… Read more »

Trump’s Russian Connections Coming Into View (UPDATE 1)

It’s taking too long, but it’s happening. The links between Russia and Donald Trump are being exposed. If you recall, back in October, Salon ran this story about a secret Trump server that communicated with only one other server owned by a Russia bank. While interesting, it wasn’t a bombshell because no one could really… Read more »