Fuck You GOP

The Republican party has fucked us – again. This Donald Trump episode will result in people being injured or killed. We liberals will have to fix this because the Republican party is unwilling to do what needs to be done. For four decades the Republican party has pandered to racists and bigots in order to… Continue reading Fuck You GOP

Why Race Doesn’t Exist

On Twitter today I had a lengthy, and at times emotional discussion with some tweeps about race. My argument is that race doesn’t exist – sort of. The construct of race was invented by racists to divide people by color for the purpose of slavery, oppression and later to keep poor and working class white… Continue reading Why Race Doesn’t Exist

Father of Man Who Firebombed Mosque Blames Twitter

A mosque in Coachella, Cali. was firebombed last week. Police have arrested Carl James Dial Jr., of Palm Desert. Dial’s father said social media is to blame for his son throwing a molotov cocktail at the southern California mosque. “He was caught up in social media. Social media has produced people like my son, without… Continue reading Father of Man Who Firebombed Mosque Blames Twitter