Technology Shines Light on Police Brutality

Police officers have been murdering citizens in perpetuity. What’s new is that now we know about it because of technology.

Today in South Carolina, Police Officer Michael Thomas Slager has been charged with murder. It wasn’t clear at first whether the officer would be charged for the death of Walter Scott. On Saturday, Slager pulled Scott over while driving in North Charleston. Something happened during the confrontation and Scott took off running. Slager fired a volley of bullets into Scott’s back and Scott died.

Then a horrific video surfaced showing the murder and Slager was charged. There is no doubt that had this crime not be caught on video, Slager would likely not be charged with a crime. Now Slager, 33, faces a death sentence or life in prison.

Technology is pulling back the curtain on government brutality of its citizens, particularly those of color. That has been the story for centuries. Those who don’t want progress, conservatives, have always been against technology because they know what they do can’t survive the light of day. Once the People see that the police, like the military, are a cudgel conservatives use to crush people who challenge them or don’t fit into their plan.

It’s not as-if this is some nefarious plot being perpetrated by a few people, this is systemic racism and brutality that is a by-product of capitalism, greed and the quest for power. Conservatives want police officers like Slager out there brutalizing brown people. It’s a way to ensure that those people stay where they are, poor, working for low wages or dead.

(H/T) Washington Post

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