The GOP Covid-19 Plan Will Kill 4.6 Million Americans at a Minimum

The Republican party wants millions of Americans to die because republicans think that will help the economy.

Let’s set aside the point that allowing millions of people to needlessly die doesn’t obviously do anything good for the economy.

The theory, I assume, is that the GOP wants us to pursue a “herd immunity” strategy.

You might see people on Twitter say that herd immunity is fake. It’s not, but it’s also not a good plan.

First off, relying on herd immunity, in the US it will result in at least 4.6 million Americans dead.

That’s a conservative estimate.

For herd immunity to work, 70 percent of the population needs to get covid-19. That’s about 230 million people. Assuming the death rate is 2 percent, that leaves 4.6 million dead Americans.

The other reason the herd immunity plan is awful is that it probably won’t work.

While we’re trying to hit the 70 percent infection rate, the virus is going to mutate and the process will need to start all over again and again. So as the we’re trying to grotesquely build herd immunity, tens of millions of Americans are going to be killed.

The plan that works is isolation while we wait for a vaccine. That’s the only plan that makes sense.

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