This Black Woman Was Nearly Killed In Her Own Apartment

Fay Wells is a well-educated successful business woman and on September 6, 2015, she was nearly murdered by police in her own apartment.

Wells tells her story in a Washington Post column, and it’s shocking.

The basic gist is that a white neighbor called the police because he thought a hispanic person was breaking into an apartment. It was Wells, she’s not hispanic, and she was locked out of her apartment and needed the services of a locksmith. Regardless, 19 Santa Monica police officers flooding the scene, Wells’s apartment, guns drawn with dogs.

The only excuse for the overwhelming force given to Wells was that sometimes people kill cops. Really? A potentially petty property crime is underway and these heavily armed police officers are that afraid for their lives that they treat every situation like a military operation in downtown Baghdad?

Wells survived the ordeal, but had she made one wrong move – those officers had their guns aimed at her chest – she’d be dead.

And how many times does the interaction between scared white cops and people of color start just like that? Guns drawn, ready to loc ’em and smoke ’em. When will the Department of Justice step up to the plate and shut this shit down? People are dying every day because of this nonsense. End militarization of the police and shut down police departments that can not function as they should, helping and protecting the community – all of the community.

If a department is not truly committed to community policing, with cops living and working and walking the streets on their beat, shut it down. It’s over. Now. That’s what Loretta Lynch needs to do today.

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