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Trial Begins for Shooter of Black Lives Matter Activists in Minnesota

Trial Begins for Shooter of Black Lives Matter Activists in Minnesota

The trial of Allen Scarsella began today.

On November 23, 2015, Scarsella and some of his buddies wanted to “stir things up” at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Minneapolis. Folks were upset because police shot and killed Jamar Clark, in what some felt was unjustified use of force.

Scarsella and his friends weren’t having it. In a video, Scarsella said he and his friends were “going on a mission.” They were “locked and loaded,” he said brandishing a pistol. The mission ended with eight shots fired from a 45-caliber pistol and injuring five Black Lives Matter activists.

His lawyers are arguing that their client, who said his pistol was designed to “kill brown people,” was acting in self defense. Scarsella claims that when he and his racist friends showed up at the Black Lives Matter demonstration, and altercation took place, he felt outnumbered and scared so Scarsella shot five people.

h/t Trial Begins For Man Accused In 4th Precinct Shooting. WCCO. Jan. 17, 2017

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