Trump has to Win all Tossup States, Clinton Needs One

Based on the latest polling data, Trump needs to essentially sweep all tossup states to win.

To be the next president, a candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes. According Real Clear Politics, Clinton is likely to get 262 electoral votes and Trump is likely gets 126. That leaves 150 electoral votes with so-called tossup states. That includes Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada and North Carolina.

For Trump to get from 126 to 270 electoral votes, he needs to essentially win every one of those states. Clinton could get to 270 just winning Minnesota or Georgia or Arizona or Florida or Ohio or North Carolina or Iowa and Nevada. Iowa and Nevada are each worth 6 electoral votes, the rest of the tossup states have at least 10 electoral votes.

It’s really impossible to imagine some massive sweep by Trump on November 8.

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