Trump USDA Protects Puppy Mills

Back in 2017, the Trump administration took down a website that listed dog breeders cited for running puppy mills. I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for this information and today the USDA responded with useless data.

You can view all three of the documents that the federal agency sent me.

Response letter from USDA
List of Citations
List of resolutions

While the documents detail story after story of horrific of abuse by breeders, the data is worthless. The reason I submitted the records request was because the USDA had pulled offline data about breeders who abused animals so that people could know who the bad actors are in the breeding industry. This information is not a replacement of that because the agency redacted the names and addresses of the breeders cited and fined for abusing animals.

What’s strange is why does the USDA wants to keep people from knowing which dog breeders are abusing dogs? I’ve asked, but I don’t expect to receive an answer different than the lengthy legalistic reasoning in the response letter.

Photo Source: Houston Chronicle

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