Trump’s Election Day Scam Exposed

On Tuesday, before the votes have all been counted, Donald Trump is going to claim that he won.

Trump and the GOP are going to say Trump “won” so that they can say things like.

“On election night, we clearly won the election, but these mail-in ballots have ‘flipped’ the election. It’s a scam.”

Claiming victory doesn’t mean that the ballots don’t need to be counted. Counting uncounted ballots can’t “flip” the election. Tallying up the ballots will get us to the result – who has won and who has lost.

If the press falls for it, and they usually do, this tactic by the GOP could actually work. For context, in 2003, 69 percent of Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11 because the press parroted the Bush administration’s nonsense.

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