Trump’s No Useful Idiot, He’s an Active Player Working with Russia

As New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says in his column today, Donald Trump is no useful idiot, and that he “probably knows very well how much he owes to Vladimir Putin.”

Let’s just drop the “probably.” Remember this Salon story back in October in which it was discovered that a special server Trump setup communicated with only one other server located in Russia. We still don’t know the purpose of it, but it was probably a means of sending messages.

It’s been 142 days since Trump’s last press conference. That’s the one when he asked Russian intelligence agencies to hack Clinton.

Yes. Our election was severely compromised by Russians, news media here in the US, Republican politicians and the Trump team. We got played. Now what are we going to do about it?

The Constitution provides a remedy for this very specific situation – the electoral college. Alexander Hamilton wrote about the purpose of the electoral college in Federalist Paper 68. In it he said there are basically two reasons for the electoral college. One is to prevent someone who is merely famous, but ill-suited to be president, from winning the popular vote and becoming president. The other reason is to stop a foreign government from trying to install a president. Trump is both of those things. So if the electoral college will not right this wrong, we’ll need to settle this one in the streets.

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