Trump’s Russian Connections Coming Into View (UPDATE 1)

It’s taking too long, but it’s happening. The links between Russia and Donald Trump are being exposed.

If you recall, back in October, Salon ran this story about a secret Trump server that communicated with only one other server owned by a Russia bank. While interesting, it wasn’t a bombshell because no one could really tell what the server was doing, they could only guess.

But now, this Guardian story and this CNN story about Russian and Trump are bombshells. Buzzfeed also ran with this story and actually published the entire dossier online for everyone to see. You can view the documentation here.

A former British intelligence official with expertise in Russia was hired to do opposition research on Trump. The former intelligence official was so concerned about what they found connecting the Trump campaign to Russia that the information was given to the FBI. The FBI sought secret FISA warrants on four Trump campaign officials and has been actively investigating Trump’s Russian ties since.

This is huge. The Guardian story says that it is believed that Russia has sufficient dirt on Trump to blackmail him. I’ve been saying this for months that Russia got Trump on tape doing disgusting shit when he was in Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. Why wouldn’t Russia get dirt on Trump? Give him free cocaine and few underage hookers and let the hidden cameras record it all. Trump’s a disgusting pig, of course he’d fall for it.

The Senate is investigating this. The FBI is investigating this. And at some point, when it all comes out, we need to hold Trump accountable. He doesn’t get to go home. He gets to go to prison. And we really need to have another election entirely – from new primaries forward.

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