Tulsi Gabbard’s Secret Trip to Syria

Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard has just taken a secret “fact finding” trip to war-torn Syria.

Gabbard, of Hawaii, has long been critical of regime change in Syria. She thinks we should leave Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power. It is believed that Assad is responsible for using chemical weapons, and that he’s killed at least 400,000 of his own people.

Gabbard’s short record – she was elected to her House seat in 2012 – is an interesting one. In November 2015, she joined 46 of her Democratic colleagues to vote for an anti-refugee bill in the House. Here’s a list of all 47 Democrats who voted for this bill. When Gabbard became a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders when he was running to become the Democratic nominee to be president, I wrote about her anti-refugee calculation here. Gabbard did put out a statement about why she voted for the bill. It was located here, but for some reason it has been taken down or moved.

And then just a week after the presidential election in November, Gabbard met with Donald Trump in New York. She was there to speak with Trump about Syria. And considering that her ideas about Syria align with Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gabbard may get some traction on the issue.

Now of course, Gabbard is entitled to her opinions, and being against regime change is not wrong. However, her support of an anti-refugee bill, her quick willingness to kiss Trump’s ring after winning the election and now this secret trip to Syria, in which she may or may not have met with Assad, it’s at least interesting.

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  1. Is it really surprising that an Iraq War veteran who has seen first hand the horror of our interventionist foreign policies would be a strong opponent of doing to Syria what we have already done to Iraq and Libya?

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